About Us

Every March, The Bookworm is transformed into a hub of literary, intellectual and creative activity as we celebrate all things books with The Bookworm International Literary Festival. BLF is a celebration of literature and ideas, featuring writers, thinkers, artists and performers from China and beyond.

The BLF program includes booktalks, panel discussions, writing workshops and performances - plus our children’s program with writing and drawing workshops and interactive storytelling sessions; a Chinese-language program presenting international authors to a Chinese audience. We continue our International Schools Programs, bringing international and Chinese authors into classrooms and inspiring tomorrow’s writers and thinkers.

BLF is an independently funded festival, dedicated to bringing you the best writers and thinkers. Starting with a small team passionate about literature, BLF has grown to become one of the world’s most prestigious literary festivals. Through our expertise and ever expanding connections, we will bring more authors, thinkers and intellectuals to events throughout China, as well as provide an even greater platform to showcase Chinese authors to the world.