The Mercenary Mandarin: A Biography of William Mesny 14:00 26th Mar / iQiYi


Oscar Holland

David Leffman, moderated by Oscar Holland

William Mesny (1842–1919) was born in Jersey, ran off to sea as a deckhand at the age of 12, and finally wound up in Shanghai in 1860 at a time when China was being dismembered by foreign powers and civil war. Amid the chaos Mesny became variously a prisoner of the Taiping rebels, a smuggler, a customs official, and an arms dealer. He eventually enlisted as an instructor in the Chinese military where, after five years of fierce campaigning in remote Guizhou province, he rose to the rank of general. David Leffman’s biography of this extraordinary character is the subject of this talk. The author will also discuss the process of writing historical biographies. Moderated by That’s Beijing editor-in-chief Oscar Holland.

This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm.

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iQiyi 2 pm

Event code: IQ26A

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