Spiritual Economics: A Way to Save the World 13:00 23rd Mar / The Bookworm – Beijing

Haiyun Jimeng

Haiyun Jimeng, moderated by Deva Eveland

Haiyun Jimeng quit his official post in Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs to work in the “spiritual economy.” He believes that through spirituality, human beings can save the environment – and the world. Of his many books, Our Only Choice: A New Vision for the Long-Term Survival of Humanity and the Earth has been translated into English, and describes how the teachings of Buddha can help us formulate a set of “core values,” which in turn lead to an “economics of spirituality with which to transform economic growth into growth in happiness; material development into educational and mental development; and the plundering of natural resources into spiritual development.”

This event will be in Chinese with English interpretation.

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The Bookworm 1 pm

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