Become a Festival Sponsor

The Bookworm Literary Festival receives no government funding and so relies on the kind support of sponsors, patrons and the wider Bookworm community to operate. BLF provides varied sponsorship opportunities at several levels and our team will work with you to create a unique partnership that brings beneficial and tangible outcomes.

Benefits include:
Aligning your brand with a hugely popular cultural institution in China
Engaging with well-educated Chinese and international audiences
Connecting with high-profile international and local authors
Generating media exposure
Increasing your brand awareness
Entertaining customers and clients at a unique literary event
Please email BLF Director Peter Goff at


At the Title Sponsor level all festival branding will indicate “The Bookworm Literary Festival in association with TITLE SPONSOR”. Plus all benefits of Main Sponsors, Associate Sponsors, Corporate Sponsors, and Partners. A full benefits package can be developed with our team to take into account a Sponsor’s specific requirements.

Logo displayed on top of BLF banners, tickets, fliers, website, newsletters, wechat posts, programme, positioned larger and above Associate Sponsors etc. Plus all Main Sponsor benefits listed above.

Logo displayed on BLF materials above Corporate Sponsors and Partners. Plus all Associated Sponsor benefits listed above.

Logo displayed on BLF materials above Corporate Sponsors and Partners. Plus all Corporate Sponsor benefits listed above.

Company logo on festival website and programme. Free tickets to select events and access to select events.
Invitation to opening and closing parties.

1) Newsletters, Websites, Wechat Posts: Logo and company website link in the Festival email newsletter prior to festival, and during the festival month. Logo and company website link on the BLF website from date of signing the contract until July 2019. Logo on festival-related Wechat posts. There will be email and Wechat posts going out on a daily basis in the run-up to and all during the festival.
(Note on logo size: The Title Sponsor’s logo shall be linked with the festival logo. Beyond that the Main Sponsors shall be the largest logos displayed. Associate Sponsors shall be smaller than the Main Sponsor, and Corporate Sponsors and Partners shall be smaller than the Associate Sponsors.)

2) Festival Material: Logo on all festival material including:
- Logo on all festival-related Banners and Backdrops etc
Festival programme 20,000
Flyers 40,000
Festival Tickets 20,000

3) Programme Advert: Title and Main sponsors get a double-page advertisement in the official A5 Festival Programme (art work to be supplied by sponsor by end of January). Associate, Corporate and Partners get a single-page advertisement in the Programme.

4) Pull-up Banner: Title and Main Sponsors can provide a pull-up banner which will be displayed prominently in the Bookworm for the duration of the festival.

5) Access to Early Bird Tickets: A percentage of tickets will be put aside for Early Bird purchase. Sponsors will have first choice, followed by Patrons, and then the general public. Early Bird Tickets need to be purchased and collected in person during the allotted purchasing week.

6) BLF Party Invitations: Private access tickets to each:  
Opening Party 4 tickets for Title/Main Sponsors; 2 tickets for others
Closing Party 4 tickets for Title/Main Sponsors; 2 tickets for others

7) Moderators: Each festival event requires a moderator who has done adequate research on the topic at hand and is able to manage an event successfully. Sponsors can nominate suitable moderators to preside over some events and, as assigned, their names will appear in the Festival Programme as representatives of the Sponsor. These moderators must be appointed within 4 weeks of the sponsorship agreement being signed, to enable sufficient preparation time.

For sponsoring schools, we will restrict the number of school sponsors to 3 schools at each level of Main Sponsor, Associate Sponsor and Corporate Sponsor, on a first-come, first-served basis. Sponsoring schools are Priority Members of the Bookworm Literary Festival Schools Programme, giving Main Sponsors first choice on authors, Associate Members next etc.

Author Events
- School Sponsorship includes 4 Author Events in your school for Main Sponsors, 2 for Associate Sponsors, 1 for Corporate Sponsors. Schools can select festival authors to visit their schools (assuming they are available). This can be with different festival authors or a particular author can do 2 or more events, if available.
- Each event lasts for 90 minutes. It can be one 90-minute session with one group, or 2 back-to-back sessions of 45 minutes each.
- If a school has the appropriate facilities and access, the festival can arrange one public event in the school too. This event would be free to students and staff of the school but other attendees would purchase a ticket from the Bookworm should they wish to attend.

All sponsors and partners will be acknowledged on our website and in printed BLF programs.

To become a BLF patron — Corporate, First Edition, Gold LeafLeather-Bound — please visit this page.

To make a donation to BLF, please see here, or click on the button below.